Dampening troubleshooting

Hello Briarpress users,

I am having trouble getting full coverage of a solid shape, small or large, with Crane’s Lettra 110#. I am using a C&P 8x12. I have adjusted my rollers, added tape to my truck rails, played with packing, etc. I have a relatively good print, but I can still see some splotches, areas of the Lettra showing through. I followed the advice of others and dampened my paper. This technique worked and gave me full coverage.. now to do the 95 other sheets.

What are some techniques keeping your paper stock damp and ready to print on? How does dampening work with 2 color jobs, one color already printed? Initially I was dampening each paper, waiting till it dried a little, then printed. Not time efficient. Is there a way to keep this kind of paper stock moist until ready to use? How about keeping a humidifier in the room?

I like using Lettra for it’s softness to touch and it’s beauty with an impression. I have gotten a more solid print on Cover stock.
Any advice/techniques would be greatly appreciated! I would like to think I can get the results from a Vandercook on my C&P!

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I have attached some pics for you to view. One shows the splotchy areas showing through a solid shape. The other shows a very good print, after dampening. The other I have also attached a good solid print with Crane’s Lettra 220#, no packing, no adjusted rollers/truck rails, etc.
Also, take note my 2 color design.. how would I dampen the paper if it is already printed on? Is it ok to wet the ink?

What do you all think?
Again, thank you!

image: craneslettra220.jpg


image: dampened.jpg


image: splotchyarea.jpg



There is probably enough accumulated info in the archives here, and at PPL, Letpress, on dampening paper to make it work for you. You might want to check them out.

But no, you cannot redampen paper without losing the original impression. Well, you can, but not with water.


Run your job with normal inking, then a day or two later, again with normal inking, print over the first run. Or when printing your job, trip every other impresion to give it the ink it needs without being muddy. GOOD LUCK!