Changing Rollers


I changed my rollers for the first time today and wondered if there are any diagrams/photos out there that show the parts (gears, screws, etc.) that are removed. I want to make sure I put everything back on properly and knowing the names of the parts, and a photo would help me feel more confident. Thank you!

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Karen - You’ve come to the right place for help, but first you should tell us what type and size of press you are asking about. It does make a difference.

Yes, that would help, wouldn’t it! :) Vandercook SP-15.


Download the SP15 manual from the Boxcar Press site ( That should have roller assembly diagrams in it. If you need more help than that, I can take pictures of my SP15 roller assembly. Just let me know.


Kelly, I’ll contact you should the diagrams confuse me. Cheers!