Quik Mount

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Kathy Wilson
Owosso Graphic Arts

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If anyone tries this, you should let us know how it works…it seems like it would make registration a piece of cake

Any one try one of these Owosso Quik Mounts yet?

That photo is small and hard to see…

I developed my own system about 20 years ago the Quik Mount seems to be the same idea. Base is drilled and tapped plates are drilled and countersunk if required. Die or plate is screwed to the base . My die saw can trim away parts of the plate that may interfere with guides( low profile Bar-Plate or similar local mfg) Dead on registration is acheived by lock up adjustment inside chase and then by adjusting guides.

Has any one used the Owosso Quik mount yet??

@ Mike — Can you post a photo of your version??? About how much do you think yours cost? And you said that you trim away some of the plate so that your guides do not interfere. Does the base interfere?? How thick are the plates you use? Are they magnesium?

I need a solution and when I talked to Owosso I was not really given any helpful info or even a concrete price…