Footprint of a 10 x 15 c&p

I may be moving a 10 x 15 c&p this weekend, so I need to make some skids and cut some pipes to fit. Can anyone tell me how far apart the feet are? Please measure from outside to outside, front to back and side to side.

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On my C&P 10x15 New Series (a very early one from 1911, s/n C50291), the length of each leg/foot casting, front-to-back, measured at ground level, is 28 5/8 inches. Their distance apart, side-to-side, measured to the outside of the casting, is 19 1/2 inches. The dimensions of the press itself are, of course, larger, and at least in a front-to-back direction I skidded mine based on the overall length of the press, not the length of the base.

There used to be a nice C&P catalog online at (which no longer seems to exist). Here’s an image of the page from this catalog which gives the official factory specifications and dimensions:

(You can get the whole thing, with patience, by plugging “” into the “Wayback Machine” at The Internet Archive, )

David M.

Thanks David, you’re the best.

typo… The side-to-side distance is 19 1/8 inch,
not 19 1/2 inch (not that 3/8 inch makes that much difference on what should be a substantial skid).

David M.