C&P 12x18 Motor Horsepower

What is the proper/ recommended/ suggested horsepower for a motor on a 12x18 C&P? The motor that came with the press is 1/2 HP- I have seen the very same one on a 10x15.

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I had 1.5 hp motors on both of mine but if it runs okay with the 1/2 it won’t hurt it unless it is auto feed and you don’t get enough air pressure.

It does not run- doesn’t have the power to get through a cycle on its own… At first I though that it was just my problem with the belt tension (lots of slipping), but now the tension is great and the motor simply stops. (I start the flywheel moving before I turn the press on). Is there another solution that I may not know of, or do you think it needs replacing?

Thanks for your help!

I never had to hand turn flywheel with 1.5 hp motors. Did the seller have it running with 1/2 hp? Also check that your not using a 3 phase motor with single phase power should be a spec plate on the motor.

It is a single phase motor on single phase electric. It was hooked up by an electrician who said that the motor was in good shape. At that time I was waiting on new lacing and did not have the belt ready to test it.

I guess I need a new motor?

Thanks Mike.