Where to buy inks for wood type?

Can anyone recommend a website or store to buy some ink (not a large quantity) that works well with wood type, or is specifically made for wood type?


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One time a pressman returned a new batch of ink to a local manufacturer; he didn’t like it because it was “different” than what he’d gotten before (despite being the same exact formula). They printed some new labels for the batch, personalized with the pressman’s name on the label, relabeled the cans, and returned them to him as the “correct” mix. He was delighted with the “new” ink, said it was just like the good old stuff he’d originally wanted…

So I’ll be happy to sell you “wood type” ink if that’s what you really want (just let me go print up some labels!). But the type (wood, metal, or whatever) was made to work with virtually any standard printing ink, and doesn’t require anything special.

If you’re looking for quantities of less than a pound of ink, Fritz at N.A. Graphics has some, and I do have a variety available in quarter-pound tubes. E-mail me at my new “ink” address, ink (at) orchidesign.com, and I’ll be happy to send a list.

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)

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