Latin Extended- who cast this in lead?

Hello Everyone-

I recently purchased a 2/3 caps case that has 14 pt. lead Latin Extended in it. I identified this type by consulting the Rob Roy Kelly book, but i am wondering if anyone out there would know who cast this in lead? Was it cast by multiple foundries? The type hasn’t been printed with, looks almost like the day it was cast, but the case it came in looks like it has been through the war. I love the serifs of this particular typeface even though i typically am more of a sans serif fan…
Just curious. Thank you in advance.
Don Kilpatrick

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Stephenson Blake Co. (England) most likely cast your Wide Latin.

Thank you for the information, i appreciate it.



I almost forgot another source. Wide Latin (aka Latin Wide) was only cast in foundry metal by Stephenson Blake. However, Baltimore Type (a Monotype operation) did an adaptation of this face in 1957 and offered it as Emporer.

Check and see if your type has a pinmark with an SB in it. KIf so, yours is from Stephenson Blake. If not, or a blank pinmark, it could be from Baltotype.

I looked at the pin mark and there is nothing in it. It probably is from Baltimore type. Thanks for the information!