Give you stick the Big Tick

One of the most useful items in my comp room is my composing stick rest. How often are you interrupted, stick in hand, and have to lie it carefully to attend to that phone call. My stick stand is the answer. You’ll love it !
Two pieces of wood 3” x 3” and about 1/2” thick. Draw a large tick on the side of one piece,(see the photo); place the second piece beneath it and lock firmly in a bench vice.Saw out your tick so that your stick will lie at about a 40 degree angle and the short part of the tick is about the height of your stick lip. Glue or screw these pieces about 3” apart onto another piece of wood. You have your stick tick.

Best wishes from New Zealand

image: compstickbig tick5cm.jpg

compstickbig tick5cm.jpg

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This is great! Thanks for sharing this idea I am going to consider this for the college print studio where i teach letterpress.

We were instructed to place the stick carefully on the case, just above the cross section. No need there for a support, which risks to be knocked over.

Years ago I made a similar composing stick holder from a piece of cherry that I had lying around. It measures 8 1/4” wide x 2 3/4” deep x 3/4” high. It was cut using a printer’s saw, and is one of the handiest tools in the shop. The angle is less acute than the one shown above, but is cut at a right angle to accommodate the right angle of the composing stick. Please click the following link to view.


You guys are all so professional — I’m impressed! I just prop my stick up with anything that’s handy — a piece of furniture, a gum eraser, a little notepad, an empty candy box …