Kluge 12 X 18

Hi All,
I just completed rebuilding my Vacuum pump and re-wiring my drive motor to accommodate 120V. The press would hardly turn over before, which led me to believe that it was set up for 240, which it was. Now the press runs a little to fast. Is there any after market speed control available to slow this down, or speed it up when necessary. I saw a unit for sale , but I think it was original and most likely a set up for 240V. I would appreciate any help and guidance Thanks Dale for the pump rebuild kit, the new leather plungers makes the pump works great.

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My original controller is setup for 120V. It can be wired 120V or 240V. There is a schematic inside the box. It’s heavy as sin, so shipping can’t be cheap. Is there an electric motor rebuild shop in your area? They might be able to supply a variable speed controller.

Hi Sharecropper Press,
Where are you located ? Is it for sale? How much do you want, if it’s for sale ?

What’s the HP of the motor? Have you looked into variable frequency drives?

The horsepower is 1.5 HP. I have not looked into Variable Frequency drives at this point, but will do so. Thanks,

I put a Minarik Drive speed control on my 12 x 18 and it works great. just make sure it matches up with the spec’s of your motor.

Hey Ken,

Did you use a rebuild kit (leather cups, etc..) on your pump? I’ve been looking for a rebuild kit for my old Kluge for 3 years and CAN NOT find one anywhere on this planet. Just missed one on ebay. Let me know if you know where to get one.


One more thing.. my press uses an old GE motor. Does anyone know where to get replacement brushes for it? It’s a 1-1/2 hp motor set up on 220v.


I got my pump rebuild kit from Dale at:

D-N-D Graphics Machinery Company
1528 Seegar Street, Dallas, Texas (TX), 75215, USA
+214 565 0305

Update-Pump Repair Kit-Found!

After three years of searching for a pump repair kit I finally found one. Dale at D-N-D had a few kits come in so I snatched one up. Installed the kit and oiled the pump up pretty well. Now it’s back feeding on it’s own pump. Works really great. We’ve had this Kluge for 40 years and hope to get many more years out of it.


i don’t understand,,, i find them for sale on ebay all the time…