Is this a good buy or an expensive mistake?

Am totally new at this but very keen to start printing. I have found an ebay listing for a refurbished ADANA press but am concerned about buying something that is’nt fully functional. Can someone look it up ( and tell me whether it’s a good buy? In particular, is this machine complete or will I need to source missing parts somewhere?
Thanks for your help!!!
Olivier from Brussels - Belgium

image: adana1.jpg


image: adana2.jpg


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Apart from rollers, it looks complete to me. Not much can go wrong with the parts of an Adana. Bear in mind it’s a 3 x 5 inch machine.

Well, to be honest I would say an expensive mistake. It looks like a fine little press, but GBP 225 plus shipping is too much for an Adana 5x3. The size of the press is too small!
In the fall of 2008 I purchased an Adana 8x5 in UK, and it cost me GBP 270 including shipping to Denmark and new trucks and rollers from Caslon.
Go for an 8x5 instead – it is a much more useable press.
Gott grüß die Kunst

Unfortunately uk ebay letterpress items are grossly inflated: for example an 8x5 is currently on for £450 which is ridiculous considering I’ve seen Heidelberg windmills advertised on other sites for £800. You may wish to look elsewhere Olivier – what about Caslon who own Adana: or what about asking a British Printing Society member if there are any machines currently in their small ads.

Thanks for your help everyone! Everybody seems to agree on 3x5 machines being too small, and I don’t want to spend money now and then have to spend more because I’ve got something too small. I’ll look for an 8x5 instead. I have contacted Caslon and an 8x5 retails at £495 + £45 shipping costs, which is quite a lot…
As to contacting a British Printing Society member, how do I find them?

Olivier, I’m a member of the BPS, I have already contacted you by e-mail. I advice you to look on the Continent, you’re Brussels based, and a small journey will take you to Germany, the Netherlands or France. Check out the website of Drukwerk in de Marge in the Netherlands, there are many members in Belgium. Make contact with people and try to find your press like that. One day I got an Adana 8 x 5 from somebody I happened to talk to for a bottle of Cognac! Recently several printing presses, large and small, as well as type and furniture were sold in Belgium by auctioneers Van Troostwijk. Check out their site. Good luck.

tmax - Look in the Printer’s Yellow Pages for the British Printing Society.

Thanks Elizabeth and Thomas, you’re right, being Brussels based I can look for a press in several countries. I’ll check those contacts you mention and hopefully find something affordable. Auctions are another possibility I had not thought about. Thanks!