C&P Craftsman Automatic Part Needed

Hello, I recently purchased a 1946 C&P Craftsman Automatic, the press runs well however the feeder board does not lift automatically. Upon closer inspection we realized a small part is broken. Fortunately we have the original paperwork so we know we’re looking for an RF187 - Feed Table Ratchet Pawl (Code:OFJUS). Unfortunately I’m not sure where I’d be able to find this unique part. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks much, a.

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Size of press? Do you have a photo of the part? I have a 10x15 side feed craftsman that I’ve stripped the feeder from. Happy to send you the part if I have it.

afavorite,I have some parts as well for the Rice feeder.
best james

hi dicharry!
thanks so much for the quick response. i’ve attached a couple of photos for referance. the part i’m looking for is the arm, the one pictured the hook end has been broken off.

if by chance you still have the part, i’d be more than willing to pay for shipping &/or the part.

thanks much!

image: RF187.jpg


image: RF187closeup.jpg


I have this part if you want it.
I’m getting ready to take the feeder off of my 1947 10 x 15 Craftsman. I’ll be parting it out over the next couple of weeks.