Rouse Miter saw

I am trying to replace the belt on a Rouse Miter saw. Just replaced all wiring and the moter runs like a champ. Now looking to replace the belt, but i am stumped as to how to get the belt out of the front, its a solid bar going trough the front. Do I remove the shaft, and how do I remove the shaft without damaging it?
Hope some one can give me some advice on this issue. or has a diagram or can direct me in the right direction.

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You mean a Rouse Vertical Miterer? I did this once. Looking at the machine, I think it went like this: Remove the guards around the belt and the cutter. Remove the cap over the sliding cutter-holder. Disconnect the handle link and maybe the handle pivot bolt. Then you can lift the cutter-holder/pulley assembly up and switch new belt for old. I got a toothed belt which works very well and conforms to small pulleys better than a solid belt.
It also looks like it might be easier to unbolt the motor mount instead of freeing the cutter-holder.With the belt guard off, it should be easy to replace the belt.