need ADVICE TODAY! picking up kelsey 5x8 model u and dont know anything!

Hello everyone!
I’m going to pick up a kelsey mercury 5X8 press model U today (tuesday 4/6/2010) and need any advice that you are willing to give. I’ll have no idea what I’m looking for the press to have with/on it or if I’m being ripped off. Anything specific I should look for? I’ve already been told that it doesn’t have any letters or plates to print - it’s just the press.
Any thoughts or advice to this newbie would be so kind and helpful!
Thank you!

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As long as you get the Bed piece and the chase, you should be in good shaoe. If rollers are missing that may not be a big deal as they are readily available with new cores.

I have seen many Kelsey presses advertised for sale on eBay without the removeable bedplate, making the press pretty well worthless in my opinion.

Make sure it comes with several chases, intact rollers (or at least usable cores for re-covering)and that it works (i.e. operate the lever, watch the mechanics, make sure the rollers come down over the bearings smoothly, that the platen closes correctly.)

That’s just basics of buying a press. Kelsey experts will be more specific.

AND the Ink Plate!!!! Not sure what you’re looking for in values, but if it is mechanically complete and works, it would probably run (in Ebay land) from $250-500 (and that might be low) Add $50 if rollers are serviceable or $100 if they are like new.

Have fun and let us know how it works out.