Folding at a Perf

Does anyone know how to fold on a perf? I’m working on a tri-fold, and one of the folds needs to perf out.

My theory is that I’d score it and then perf it next to the score. But I’m wondering if it would make more sense to score right on the perf line.

Of course, it would be less work to score next to the perf. Hmm!

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A lot depends on the paper stock you are perf/creasing. The perf itself will probably be enough to direct the fold at that point and no creasing need be done at all in areas where the perf is located. If the perf is not the entire length of the fold, you can line your perf and creasing rule end-to end and use the perfed portion as a part of the crease at the fold.

I do believe there are combination perf/score rules available for heavy board perfing and are used in the packaging industry, but may not be available in .918” height.

Generally, in the commercial work I’ve been involved with, a seperate score operation is not required. However the lay of the folded panel will be different if perf rather than scored. You also will not be able to use really fine perf rule (generally 7-10 teeth is used). If you are running a mixed perf score form (a tear out card on the last folded panel) then there is the possiblity that the fold will “pull” crooked and will require care in folding (as the perf will break and fold different from the score.

Not sure what you would do if running real heavy weight stock such as Lettra—perhaps a .910 perf between two .900 scores, striking into a very wide matrix piece (or .918 perf/.910 scores and a homemade matrix of chipboard strips).