C & P 10 x 15 Pony Ink Fountain help

I am hoping someone has a photo of a C & P 10 x 15 with a pony ink fountain attached. My press came with an ink fountain but it was not attached. I would like to use it for a large run and can’t quite figure out how to, um, make it work. I know where the main piece attaches but then there is a rod that attaches to something. What could that be? Any help would be much appreciated.

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I don’t have a photo, but the rod attaches to a clamp that attaches to the flywheel side roller frame. The downward motion of the roller frame advances the ratchet on the fountain and the upward motion advances the pawl.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the speedy response. It is helpful. I’ll give it a try tomorrow night.
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I have a pony fountain on my 8x12, When you set the fountain to ink the rollers be sure you do it with the press ON impression. Your rollers are higher on the ink disc while on impression and will then only add ink when printing. If set while off impression you then slam the rollers into the fountain the first time you go on impression.
NOT a happy noise.