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Cobblestones Museum Printing Works Regional Early Settlers Museum

The Printing Works at Cobblestones Museum portrays a working ‘job printing’ establishment pre 1930 based around Challenge Gordon and Thompson Gem treadle platens, Adana table tops, a Penrose proof press, and all the tools of the trade. Visitors can enjoy a hands-on printing experience on one of the presses, and view an extensive range of creative printing work done largely by amateur printers. Examples of early printing originals dating from 1471 are on display. The Works offers instruction in letterpress printing and the full use of its facilities for those interested.

Cobblestones Regional Early Settlers Museum is a ‘village’ of 16 original buildings sited on the original stables of passenger and mail coaches between the Capital Wellington and the region prior to 1919. Open 7 days.

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