Die cutting on 10x15 C&P?

Has anybody had any success die cutting on an “old style” (flywheel has curved arms) C&P? How many linear inches of rule can be cut (tonnage)? Where can die cutting jackets be bought? I checked boxcar and didn’t see any on their web site.

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You would probably find jackets at Bar-Plate. The tonnage of a 10 x 15 OS C&P is going to be less than a NS 10 x 15, which is markedly less than a 10 x 15 Heidelberg Windmill-which is rated at about 120 inches of SHARP cutting rule. I would figure the Old Style at somewhere around 80 inches, but really wouldn’t recommend it for heavy work—go up a size or get a beefier machine (C&P New Style, Kluge, or C&P Craftsman).

Given the age of these machines (even the youngest are getting up to 100 years old), the fatigue cycles on the castings are getting to the point where pushing the press will result in a broken press.