ATF Badge, Dating 12x18” C&P

I have a 12x18” C&P Old Style. On the back, it has a brass “American Type Founders Company” nameplate riveted onto it. Does anyone know what this means?

Did they sell presses, or would this indicate that the machine was owned by the company? It also has a machine number tag riveted to it.

I’m having some trouble finding the serial number on the same machine. The top left of the press bed is unmarked. Are they located elsewhere on these models? The rear shaft has a patent date of 1899, so it is at least that old.

Thank you very much.

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I don’t know about the ATF badge, but I think C & P stopped making the Old Series presses in about 1912. Obviously, your press was made sometime between 1899 and whenever they switched to the New Series design. Check the upper left corner of the press bed again, and scrape it a little. The serial number could be covered in old ink, as mine was.

Yes, ATF sold equipment manufactured by other companies such as Chandler & Price. They are shown in the ATF catalogs. I’ve seen the ATF plaque attached to a variety of equipment, presses, saws, light tables, etc.