Removing a large gear from a C&P 12x18 new series press

Hello everyone,

I have a small problem, I’m disassembling a new series C&P press and for the most part, it’s been a dream. Everything has, with a little encouragement, come apart smoothly.

I left the large gear and lock gear that are part of the main-shaft/rocker assembly till now and they’re seated on pretty snug. I asked around and it was recommended that i use wooden wedges pushing in opposition (two pairs for above and below) to slowly and evenly work the gear off the shaft.

Have any of you have ever removed these particular gears and if so, have any suggestions? The wooden wedge idea sounds great, but I’d like to think I have all my bases covered.

thanks in advance!

- james.

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I’ve never removed one but I’d be very interested to hear how it works out. This seems like the part that most people just leave alone when disassembling these presses. I’m pretty sure the guys at DeFelice Engineering have taken this gear off, so they may have some suggestions.

Good luck and keep us posted.


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I have removed a cam from a old style 9 is not an easy procedure.
There is a key locking the shaft to the cam. Drill the center out of the key so that it will shrink slightly. Then thread the hole and extracted the key with a slide hammer fastened to a bolt screwed in to the key.
With the key out, fabricate a puller with four 3/8” holes to attach it to the cam and one in the center for all thread to pull the cam off the shaft. (I have posted pictures of the puller on fliker )
note pictures: 011, 012, 013, 015, 016, 020 .
Then match the four holes in the puller to the cam face and drill and tap holes in the cam, attach puller to the cam tighten the all thread to pull the cam off the shaft.

To fit the cam back on the shaft drill and tap a hole in the center of the shaft that matches the thread on the all thread. Thread the all thread in to the shaft, then cool the shaft with dry ice and warm the cam in an oven to about 300 degrees F. Slide the cam over the all thread ( line up the key slots) followed by the puller and the nut. Tighten the nut quickly pulling the cam back on the shaft. I have done this on shaft assembles in the past with success
Good luck
image: C & P cam 0111.jpg

C & P cam 0111.jpg

- Brad, I sent the fellows over at DeFelice Engineering an email a while back when I first set out on the project and haven’t heard back. They do great work though, I’m sure they’re busy.

- Don, thanks for the detailed response! I was hoping I could avoid ALL of that, however, there doesn’t seem to be any way around it.

I started with a set of wooden shims, but the softer wood was chewed up by the metal .. and the harder wood was a concern because the castings were sure to break before the cam started to ease off the shaft.

I drilled and tapped the pin, but without a slide hammer, the only other means (a bolt and a pry-bar) weren’t enough to budge it.

I’m going to follow your lead and build a gear puller for it. I’ll update this thread as I go along.

thanks so much guys, you’ve been a great help!

- James