Windmill Clutch wont engage

Printing away on the press today our Clutch became quite hard to engage and now I am unable to get it to engage at all. I also then couldn’t get it to disengage. It is the first time that it has ever happened.

So the question is - whats happened and how do we fix it?

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How much Crap is in the Base of your Press?
Open the rear Door and look with a Flashlight.

What pressure setting do you have ?

Thanks Typenut. We actually cleaned out the base of the press last week. Will have another look to see if their was anything major we missed.

Having never had a problem with the clutch before we have never worked on it or adjusted it. How do we check the pressure setting?


You have graduation ring 0-4 on the Handle!

Ahh typenut, you mean impression strength. It was on 1.

We adjusted the clutch using the instructions found here:

All is working good now!