Boxcar adhesive

I processed my first plate and trying to figure how to use the adhesive; in my shop we got the adhesive plates covered with paper on one side, the other side doesn’t look to be adhesive to me. According to their website, protective papers shold be on both sides; am I losing something?
What else can I try if that thing won’t work?


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Paper? Are you sure you are using Boxcar adhesive as per your subject heading? The adhesive that Boxcar uses, and Elum uses, and others, such as myself use, is of Italian manufacture and distributed from a source on the east coast. There is no such thing as a Boxcar proprietary adhesive, never has been.

In this regard: The roll adhesive has a plastic backing to protect the adhesive (not a paper backing). You apply the sheet to the back of the photopolymer plate, adhesive down. Done deal. No idea what the sheet adhesive is like. I assume a sheet of plastic protective front and back.


The film adhesives come in rolls and sheets. The rolls have a single carrier that protects the adhesive on the roll and the adhesive sticks to the carrier when you unroll it. The sheets have a carrier and a protective sheet, which I assume is the paper. You peel the paper off, apply the adhesive to the back of the plate by pressing the carrier, adhesive side to the plate back, firmly all over (a roller works well), trim the adhesive and carrier flush with the edges of the plate, then peel the carrier off and stick your plate or whatever you’re mounting to the base. The film adhesives are thinner than tape-type, which is their advantage, but once down they are difficult to reposition. One way to get the position right is to peel only a corner of the backing, folded back, position the plate and stick that corner down, then hold it firmly in place and peel the carrier off the rest of the way using the folded corner as a pull tab.

HI Bielerpr - are you able to advise the supplier of the adhesive on the east coast?


That stuff makes such a mess. Not into it. We use another product that is not specifically designed for the purpose. It cleans readily off of the plate with the solvent we use at our shop. The point isn’t to tell you exactly what that product is, it’s to encourage you to think outside the boxcar.


Sorry, cannot do. I do not buy direct. However, I can tell you that the tape is made by Biesse Adesiv. I think the name of the tape is Nastri Adhesi Speciali. This is a newer version. Lots of air bubbles upon application, BUT, they roll out easier than the previous, previous.

Not a particular fan of the plastic-backed plates because of the adhesive requirement and distortion and stretching implicit with the plastic backing, but, then again, not my problem, I use steel-backs. You get what you pay for.


You know….. I was totally unaware that they used glue to hold boxcars together nowadays. I thought they were still assembled using rivets, bolts and welding.

(sorry… I just couldn’t resist)