Help me indentify this dingbat?

I bought this lead at an antique store. It’s a pretty cool design and was wondering what/who it stands for. Thanks for your help! :)

image: unknown.jpg


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?????? Possibly your image is upside-down and it could represent a flame coming out of an orb??????

I doubt if this was ever a foundry dingbat. Is it cast in solid lead or simple a “cut” mounted on wood?


it is a solid lead and it is upside down, sorry! thanks for the info!

just browsing and saw your post, it is upside down and it is a military icon signifying Ordinance, such as bombs, explosives and arms, etc. FYI

It’s a bomb with a fuse attached to it. Used often in Europe by the ‘sappers and miners’ squadrons in the Army. It probably has a similar use in the USA. Sappers and miners would tunnel under the enemy’s positions, place explosives and blow them to bits.

Those who identified it as being inverted and with military ordinance are correct. This symbol could be found in handy-boxes of military dingbats. One commercial corporation still uses it. See:
Dave Greer

With tongue firmly in cheek, I’ll use the current parlance to simply say that this particular dingbat is THE BOMB.