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Hello Hello! I am just starting my own press, and I haven’t ordered a huge amount of paper yet. I’m interested in buying Pescia Gray and Somerset Velvet-both are around 3.00 for a 22x30 sheet (when buying a pack of 100) from Legion Paper.
This seems to be the best price I’ve found so far. Is this expensive, or about right? Does anyone know of a better resource?
I’m trying to find a good paper to use of most of my first prints.

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Legion is a large distributor and from what I remember they require a minimum first time purchase around $700 or $1000. So generally they will give you the cheapest option if you order a lot. But if you wanted to order smaller quantities and test out different paper, then I’d recommend:
They offered the lowest prices that I could find on the net. Hope that helps and good luck! is legion’s site. You can order in 10-25 sheet increments depending on the paper.

Hey thanks for the suggestions, it looks like I’m going with Legion.

I agree with cleanwash, is great, I also buy from Daniel Smith Art and Dick Blick
Good luck!


I recently ordered 500 sheets of Rives Heavyweight from Canson (through Artist & Craftsman Supply in Berkeley) & the shipment came packaged at ten sheets per package. For reasons known only to Canson they applied a self adhesive bar code label to all 500 sheets on the delicate surface! The entire shipment had to be returned, as the removal of the label also occasioned the removal of the surface! Can you imagine someone doing this? They are replacing the 19.5 x 26 sheets (which are all thus marked) with the larger 40” sheets, but I am looking elsewhere at this point, because I can’t cut that size & will have to pay to have them cut down. What a nuisance. The local supplier had nothing to do with this & was most helpful, but Canson should know better. No adhesive labels of any kind applied to paper, ever, ever, ever!!!

I’ve had good results ordering Rives (bfk) from Daniel Smith. I believe they still do orders that are over $200 get free shipping. If you get the 100 pack of Rives paper, they don’t even open the original packaging it comes in from Rives, so there’s no chance for crazy sticker mistakes. That stinks!

Good luck!


Hi all,

For Pescia and Somerset, here are some great choices for resellers

I appreciate the kind words about our site. On, we mostly sell papers that aren’t sold through resellers (Lettra, Bamboo, Eco Rag, etc)

On the Legion Paper site we have a much more extensive list of papers for letterpress that are available through our resellers.

We appreciate all of your support and it’s great to see so many of you using so many different papers. It’s been a while since we’ve offered, so in the spirit of trying new things…we’ll give 50% off any samples for the first 25 people to order. for the first 25 people to order. Use coupon code “BRIAR” in the shopping cart.