C & P press ID

Should there be a serial number somewhere on this C&P Craftsman 10 x 15? Any info appreciated.

image: CandP5.JPG


image: CandP4.JPG


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There can’t be any spaces or ampersands in picture names uploaded here. The serial number should be in the upper left hand corner of the bed where the chase would cover it up.

When you find your serial number, you can match it to this list to find the date of production.

THanks for the info Arie. I will look there and here is another attempt at the photos.

image: cp3.JPG


image: cp2.JPG


THanks boundstaff

Those look like rider rollers hanging on the wall behind the press. If they are, I am very interested in detail photographs for the possibility of replicating them.
That is quite the delivery table. I built one similar.

image: cp2.jpg


I will be at my shop tomorrow and get some pics for you. Nice C&P on flickr. What would you say is the market value for 10 x 15 and 12 x 18 C & P chases?
Thanks, Victor

where is the press located?
the price can vary greatly depending on location and up keep

apologizes I mis-read about the value of the chases.

40$ is very fair

keegan, the press is located in Tampa, FL. It is a good running press. Victor

I bought 2 chases for $40 shipped. This was a steal. I think that the seller ended up only making $10 profit.
I usually see the Craftsman variety with handles being offered for $40-60 each plus shipping.
Are you setting up to run this press? Looks clean compared to where mine started.

Hey folks— have a 10x15 c&p NS— but the serial number is no where to be found on the bed at the upper left corner. Which is odd to me. Any other locations it could be hiding?

Every so often one shows up on the main shaft of the large gear. Most likely the bed has been reground flat at some point in its past.

If the press is dirty it could be hiding under layers of old ink.

Boundpress, thanks for the good info, I found the serial # RC1612 at the top lef corner of the bed like you said. It was buried under ink. It is a 1951 model if I read the chart right.
Here are some pics for the oscilating rider rollers you picked up on. I have 1 ea of 2 different types. (#1) attaches to the rollers with no modifications, the other (#2) requires the modification of a pin on the right side roller arms. The photos are labled accordingly.


Let me know if you need additional pics or info.

Evseidl, I used a razor to scrape and then press wash to clean. The serial was stamped in the upper left corner in about 3/4” tall, very thin numbers/letters.

Hey Arie & Victor— thanks so much, i’m going to attack the press tonight to find the numbers and report back. btw- I should have measured before, I think this is a 12x18!

I posted a few pics of my rider roller saddles. They appear to be a newer version than Smashin ink’s
similar to these posted by keegan.