Printing large posters using letterpress

I am very new at Briar Press, need some guidence.
I am a member of the Lake Tahoe Historical Society-non profit
I have two large, metal on wood poster plates, 28X21” & 19X25” I have tried the large Columbia press at UNR & a rolle press at the local college, what I need to use is a large letterpress, self inking, any place in centeral California that can do this kid of printing?

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We can help:

Vandercook Press
Any one know of some place near centeral California that has a Vandercook Press abale to print off a 28X21 block.
I live at South Lake Tahoe

Hicks Brother Printing Equipment in SF has a large Vandercook, a 32-28 if I remember correctly, that was recently used for printing in a temporary studio. But it might not be able to ink down the middle of the form because its distributors were recessed there for two-color printing (again, if I remember correctly, not sure).

You may try calling Kurt over at Reno Type.

(775) 852-8800


If you still need help with this I know someone in Reno who has lots of letterpress equipment. He may be able to help. Let me know and I can get his info for you.

I had a screenprinting shop in Meyers for years. Im in NY now and man do I miss it! Enjoy the snow!

good luck