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I am looking for some feedback from those who own a Cooks/Kelsey Victor Press. When I bought mine it had a green wire that was keeping the arms from sliding off from the roller cores. The wire seemed to be a temporary solution however it causes a lot of problems. Originally, I thought it was problem with the rollers length but I think it might be too much play in the back arm.

I was wondering if someone could check their Victor to see if its the same of what I am experiencing in this video.

Also, just to make sure, if someone could measure their rollers, trucks, and roller core lengths I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

image: victor.jpg


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Matt, I have a Cook’s Victor that was prior to Kelsey buying them. There is a little play with the back bar, doesn’t affect the action or printing. My rollers are 10.25 inches in length, roller cores are 13.375 and my trucks are 1.125, but I have added several layers of tape to build them up to approx. 1.3125. I had to do this to raise the rollers off of the type and cuts, it was putting too much ink on them otherwise. I will eventually have different trucks made. My rollers are held on with two pins, one on each saddle that slide into holes, I can see these in your video. Hope this helps! Dennis


Thanks so much for your response, thats definitely helpful. Would you mind taking a close up picture of the pins?

Also, how do you know its a pre-Kelsey Victor? Thanks again.

Matt, Lou in Rhode Island restored this press and Alan from Excelsior Press works with him and gave me the history. Here is a link to the page on my press that also has links to discussions on Briar. Unfortunately, right now I do not have a way of getting you pictures, the pins are an ‘L’ shape piece of wire about 1/16 in diameter and long enough to go through both sides of the saddle.


Matt, Hope this picture of the pin comes through. It is about 3 inches to the bend then the short side is about 3/8 of an inch long. Dennis

image: Victor Roller Pin.jpg

Victor Roller Pin.jpg


Thanks again, this is very helpful. I am sorry to keep asking you for more but do you have a pic with the pin in the saddle?

I checked out the page with your press on it. They definitely did a great job. I love the victor other than this minor hiccup. I want to start a flickr group for these presses with detailed pictures. It seems that there is not much information about these presses, and it might be helpful for other owners. Matt

Tried the best I could, taking the picture with my laptop, hard to get close. If you look close you can see the small bent end of the pin. The long part inserts into the hole and slides behind the rollers into a hole on the other side.

image: Victor Pin Inserted.jpg

Victor Pin Inserted.jpg


Thanks for trying. I can’t really see whats going on. I am going to buy some wire and see if I can’t figure it out. I will post some pics and maybe you can tell me if I am right or not.
This has been very helpful tho.


Matt, here is a drawing I did, quick but should give you the idea!

image: Drawing of pin in saddle.jpg

Drawing of pin in saddle.jpg

Ha! Dennis you’re awesome. I took a look and definitely see what you mean now. I was thinking of the holes on the left and right of the saddles (where the green ones went through. I never saw these ones but makes sense. Thanks.

The following dimensions for the 6 x 9 Kelsey Victor press were taken from an actual set of cores and trucks sent to us for recasting.

End core diameter and length: 3/8” x 13 3/8”
Stops 1 1/4” from each end of core.
Trucks 1 1/8” O.D. x 3/8” I.D.
Truck width 9/16” overall.
Width 3/8” & 3/16” stepped down to 3/4” diameter
Rollers were composition cast 1 1/4” diameter x 10 3/4” wide.
From: David H. Hauser, owner Tarheel Roller & Brayer

On LetPress Mr. Richard Tautenhahn wrote
Subject: Kelsey/Cooks Victor 6x9 rollers

Cores: 3/8” x 13.5”
Trucks: 1 1/8” dia. x 3/4” wide
Rubber: 1 5/32” dia. x 10” long

Thanks Paul!