Hard Rubber-based inks

Hi everyone! I have several cans of VanSon Ink that is really hard and dried out. Is it still good or do I need to do something to soften it up? It just seems so thick compared to some other ink I have. Thanks in advance for your responses!

image: photo.jpg


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Is the whole can dried up or is there just a skin on top of the can? If it’s the whole can I’d think it’s trash. If you can scrape off a skin then you can use the good ink below. Skinning is very common on oil-based inks but can happen on rubber-based inks as well.


I’ve had a nearly full can of Van Son Rubber Base black turn into a solid block after a number of years — can’t even penetrate it with a sharp ink knife. Others, including some colors, skin over but there is good ink underneath if you can keep the chips of hard skin out of it. In my brown it has solidified on top but underneath is usable ink. It seems dependent on the color.


I’d ere to safe side and toss that ink. Especially the black. It looks particularly dried out.