Broken Paper Clip/Guide on Vandercook SP-15


I have two paper clips/guides on my SP-15. You can see from the attached photo that one the yellow pieces of plastic that helps align the paper has worn and can no longer be kept in place with the adjustment screw shown in the top right corner of the photo. Has anyone else has this problem and is it easy to replace this part? As I mentioned, there are only two of these on my press, so printing anything with tight registration is proving very difficult!

Please feel free to correct the names of these pieces, as I am not quite sure of the correct terms.


image: Paper Gripper.jpg

Paper Gripper.jpg

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Hi Kimberly,

Fritz Klinke at NA Graphics holds the patents for all Vandercook parts, and so he’s the best and only place to ask for those things. Give him a call, as I don’t see the plastic part (it’s part number X-14696) listed on the NA Graphics website. The assembly is pictured on sheet 285 of the SP15 manual.

Also, the Vandercook Press website ( is a much better place to ask questions related to Vandercooks, as you’ll get the pros replying (and quickly!) to you.