Will Amer NSW Letterpress Course

If anybody is wanting to do a letterpress course in NSW, Australia.
I spent last weekend getting taught letterpress by William Amer.
It’s a great course, especially if you are like me and wanted to get into letterpress but don’t know where to begin.

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I would like to add my praise for William’s course: in two highly focused days of one-to-two hands-on tuition I learned a huge amount, far more than I was really expecting. There were fun bonuses such as casting with his Ludlow, but at the heart of the course is solid trade technique. Learning how to properly use a composing stick, for example, so that it becomes far more than just the tool for assembling type I had previously viewed it as. Along with learning how to deal safely with the eccentricities of old machinery (not least how to oil a treadle platen properly!), how to get to type height with old blocks in various ways, and how to do make-ready in a range of methods, and much more, is Will’s insistence on maintaining a clean and tidy workplace with full respect for everyone else who is using it. I got home and started rearranging my printery the next day! Highly recommended, and well worth the modest charge for such intensive tuition, based on many years of hard-won and varied experience as a printer.

I would also like to second Michael’s glowing review of William’s two day course in Rockley, NSW.
I too was unsure what to expect, and as a young person, concerned about how the lessons might translate in a modern context, and whether i’d be able to grasp the content (being less mechanically minded)
After an albeit full-on , but no less exciting weekend, i now have renewed enthusiasm and confidence that i can buy a small press and continue to learn and practice on my own.
I learned far more than what i had hoped and not only that, but the great hospitality of William and his wife was most welcomed and appreciated.
Definitely recommend this course for beginners, as well as more experienced hobbyists alike!!
You’ll not be disappointed and it is worth every penny (and some!!)

My sister and I recently spent a fabulous weekend at William Amer’s School of Letterpress Printing and can also thoroughly recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn letterpress. We learnt so much from a wonderful teacher whose experience is so invaluable to anyone wishing to learn the fundamentals of letterpress. We feel like we have a much more solid basis to continue to our letterpressing now. To be taught on such a one-on-one basis is such unbelievable value, and the hospitality we were shown from William and his lovely wife Trish was second to none.

Letterpress Tuition. I am pleased to announce that new and updated Courses and Information are now available for 2013. Interested people are directed to my Classified Advert on Briar Press under Tutorials and Workshops, Australia. Or go direct to my website www.willamer.com.au. Read all about our flagship course
Letterpress 101.2 and the new Letterpress 101.2 Extended, along with courses on the Ludlow, Vertical Miehle Cylinder and “Adana, the cutie with a Punch”
Applications are being taken for the Spring months of February, March and April. - William Amer, Rockley NSW

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I’d like to thank Will Amer of Pressed Letters for an amazing 2 day letterpress course. I had one on one tailer made tuition! Absolutely priceless! I just don’t think I could have got that quality of tutorship elsewhere. The location of Rockley is fabulous and the hospitality that Will and his wife Trish showed to me was wonderful, it made the experience all the more memorable. Will’s continued support since the course is very much appreciated. I highly recommend the courses that Will teaches and I would love to go back and top up on what I have already learnt! Thank you!