Michael Seitz 

Quality Letterpress Printing

Letterpress linecast typesetting from 6 to 42 point. Over 90 fonts available, and adding more. Broad selection of Helvetica and Century Expanded. Nationwide shipping and next day service available.

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Hi I reside in Spokane, WA and am aquiring types for my small print shop that I am opening soon. Would you be able to send me a catalog of your fonts. I am making a point of purchasing complete fonts, a price list for your selection would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dave
Oak Tree Ink Arts

i am not in the printing business but it so happens that i have a large collection of hi quality lead type. they are well organized in the drawers (keystone & Hamilton) style drawers., earch drawer has about 80 to 90 compartments that each have 10 to 20 pieces of type. so if you have some interest in this i can send some pics. also have alot of borders and spacers and just a whole bunch of printing stuff that i dont know what it is. My name is Phil 440 309 4030