C & P rollers 12 X 18 Chase

I have access to a Chandler & Price 12 X 18 press that needs a few parts. I know some of these machines take 4 rollers. This one has, on the top springs, a place for 2 rollers and what looks like hooks (one on each side) for a third roller on the bottom springs. One hook, on the right hand side turns upward, whereas the other goes outward. Is this for a third roller? The size is slightly larger than the ones above. I thought that perhaps these hooks were to attach new “carriages” for another set of rollers, but the pieces are very different.
Any ideas?

I also need to buy trucks and nyliners (bushings) for the rollers. Where can I purchase these materials (rollers, nyliners, and trucks) at a reasonable cost?

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Unless it is a Craftsman model the 12x18 C&Ps will take 3 rollers. You can find Delrin (plastic) trucks on the NA Graphics web site (nagraph.com) as well as rollers. You can also order rollers from Ramco Roller, Advanced Roller, and many other vendors. No nyliners are needed.