hi-speed quoin sizes

hey all,
just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts on what size quoins one should go about getting for a 10x15 C&P? going to start looking around for supplies and thought it would be good to have a list!
also, any info on what going price and “good price” for these would be would be much appreciated!

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I’m a little surprised no one has chimed-in on this yet. You’ll obviously need lengths that will fit inside your chase. Just a little variety should suit you fine. The biggest cost will be a high-speed quoin key. They are (and have been for a long time) very expensive. I think that $25 used to be the going price. I haven’t had to buy any for decades now, but I do recall that the standard asking price was about $1/inch at printer’s fairs. 6 inch quoin = $6.00 asking price.


Foolproof is right. Various sizes are needed. I’ve found that the 4 inch and the key itself are the hardest to find used. If you are serious I do have a supply for sale, reasonable pricing. I have all sizes and keys…. now you need to decide… Call if interest, 1 559 730-1596 Pacific time. Carl.