Trouble uploading images: exceed limit of 512MB

When I try to attach an image to a classified, a message tells me that the photo exceeds the limits. I used a digital camera to shoot the pics, while a few years ago I shot in 35mm, scanned prints and uploaded with no problem. I am working from a Mac, also new to the equation, using iPhoto. I can see the jpeg sizes are all 1.2 - 1.8 MB, and cropping does not seem to accomplish much. The digital camera is a mid-line Nikon with plenty of features.

Does anyone have advice or suggestions—besides working in 35mm again?

Thanks from Lebanon, In

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The classified may have a limit on the MB to upload and maybe a limit in dimensions of the image. In iPhoto > File > Export > Kind: JPEG, JPEG Quality: Medium, Size: Medium or Large. See if that helps.


I resized a picture that I wanted to attach to a comment in Discussion to 450 X 600 pixels. It still told me that my picture had been resized to fit within the maximum allowed. I could not tell in Preview whether it was really going to show. — Neil

image: First Print 013.jpg

First Print 013.jpg

I can’t get photos to load on my discussion posting… I select the file and it uploads, but once it reaches 100% the box reverts to as it looks when you first have the option of adding a photo… no mention of it not working or why, and no list of attached photos. Do they get vetted and then added later? Or do I need to do something differently?

In addition to those over-sized, the BriarPress system will reject photos that have names containing &, /, and other characters.