‘The Victor’ press

Does anybody have any information about the ‘The Victor’ platen from T.Forknall & Son, Leicester, England?
It looks a bit like a Pearl mechanism mounted on a base of two solid castings with the names on the right hand side.
The press is missing rollers, chase, board and the treadle is broken off. It has had a broken arm at some time.
All metalwork is in a delicate shade of rust.


image: DSCF0097s.jpg


image: DSCF0098s.jpg


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I found adverts for the the Victor in The Sales And Wants Advertiser which was a monthly British print trade journal in St Bride’s Library.
An advert appeared every month in the series I looked at 1900-1912.
T Forknall went out of business during 1914-18.
Very few of these ‘Platen Printing Machines’ seem to have survived.

image: Victor3.jpg


image: Victor2.jpg


image: Victor1.jpg