Antique Typeface ID needed please


Can anyone please help me ID this type? It is from France and the block is metal on wood. Thanks a lot.

image: f.jpg


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YES! That is it. Thank you very much!

you’re welcome

This is going to seem hard to believe, but there is also a version of this face cut directly in wood. The wood font is named Venetian, first shown in wood by George Nesbitt in 1838. It is thought to have originated in France i8n the early 1830’s and quickly spread to England (Blake & Stevenson, c. 1841) and America.

It is displayed in wood in Rob Roy Kelly’s book on page 335.


I believe that the font of Venetian, displayed by Kelly in his book, on pg. 335, was from the Robinson-Pforzheimer collection, that was at the New York Public Library, when he was collecting his proofs. At the time, it was given the number 267, in the collection, and was shown on their broadside published around 1964. It should still exist at the University of NY, at Purchase. For many of those early, ornate wood types, the original cuttings were hand-carved and copies only existed as stereotypes. An example of another ornate stereotype copy, from Lyons’ collection, called “Oak Leaf” may be seen, here: (most likely cast at the Boston Type & Stereotype Foundry, as early as 1832, prior to Allen’s cutting, shown by Nesbitt)
I am interested to know, from any person who has viewed that specimen, at Purchase, NY, whether or not it is a stereotype copy or the original pattern.
Dave Greer