Motors & Stepped Pulleys

I would like to know what is the best place to purchase single phase motors and supporting belts and Pulleys. Variable speed single phase or refurbished is all possible. Any information is appreciated!



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Visit your local motor shop or McMaster-Carr/Grainger. Also check the usual online suspects for used motors. Consider a 3-phase motor with a Variable Frequency Drive.


Try W.W. Grainger
or Johnstone Supply

I just bought some pulleys from an ebay seller that had several viable options for my C&P…. I have yet to see how my pulley size ratio will work, but I am planning on using an 18.65” on the letterpress shaft and a 2” on my 1750rpm motor shaft. If my calculations are correct this should result in an impression rate of approximately 30 per minute since the letterpress shaft turns 6 times per impression. I plan on using a variable speed router control on the motor which I believe will reduce power/rpm by 80% which should cut me down to a maxed out speed of about 24 impressions per minute, for my novice use, I think that should be more than I need.

Anyway, the ebay seller is:

If I have done the math right, you’ll get about 9.3:1 from the pulleys and 55+:1 by multiplying by the 6:1 gearing of the press, and dividing the result into the 1750rpm tells me you’ll get 31+ impressions per minute — pretty fast for feeding, at less than 2 seconds per sheet. Reducing that to 80% might be OK for an experienced feeder, but a bit risky if you aren’t good!


Yep, it will still be a bit fast, but the key is that the reduction in speed/power comes from a Variable Speed control, which means the TOP speed will be as you calculated and can be dialed down to near stop…..

Anyway, I’m glad to to have the numbers verified…. I am really curious to see how the router motor variable speed control will work….