How does one go about purchasing a particular Panetone color of oil or rubber based ink? Or, is it just a matter of buying colors to mix and approximate what it is that’s wanted? Thanks.

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Your Pantone guide should have the colors needed for mixing and you will need a scale. You can also contact Vanson or Oldham Ink to have them mix a 1 lb or 5 lb can for you. Check these links.

If you only need a small amount of one specific tone, your more cost effective approach would be to contact an offset printer near you or have a local paper store mix up a pound for you, instead of buying all the parent colors.

I’ve had Kelly Paper do this for around $30 using VanSon oil based ink.

A websearch may bring you to suitable suppliers, but spelling matters. Pantone will get you ink, Panetone will get you Italian bakeries.

Hmmm… decisions, decisions!