A good buy?

I am now thinking this listing is a good buy for me - an hour away from me so i dont have to try to work out shipping. Any thoughts on the price for the items?

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Not for me, even if it is walking distance from me.

Any reasons? Im trying to learn what a good buy is. It includes (a) 5x8 Kelsey table-top printing press in working condition, good rollers, with all parts, there is a weld—but prints OK (see photo for close-up), (b) 2-Full Size Type Drawers with metal hand-type, photo shows 36 pt Stymie Light, approx 25# of metal, (c) an assortment of letterpress cuts with company logos, design shapes, etc. (d) some pieces of very old wood type, (e) composing stick and a hand-held slug cutter, (f) also includes supply of lead line-spacing material, both 2pt and 6pt in varying lengths, (g) enough wood furniture to lock up any form, (h) some ink and clean-up solvent included. The drawers of metal type appear to have complete fonts. Please contact us if you need any additional details. There are 4 metal galleys in photo which are included (9” x 13”)

It’s just not worth 1200 $ in the state it’s in.
It’s a lot of money to gamble and i seriously doubt you could resell it for that price, even restored inside out with new rollers.
A Kelsey in that state is a ok buy between 250 $ and 500 $.
Ink on the rollers does not mean it prints ok.
Ask for a close up of rollers, trucks and his famous ok red print.


That’s a good deal.

Link is dead, it sold in a few days…

Remembering most letterpresses are 50-100 years old. finding something in clean good working order, for a good price is going to take some searching. Larger presses do not get the big money due to shipping cost or packaging availability. If you want to learn letterpress you need to learn to fix and rig them to your liking. Starting with a restoration project teaches you a lot about the press. It is worth what you are willing to pay.

That looks like the same machine that was in the previous listing I sent you. It’s a lot less of a deal without the two type cabinets and the furniture cabinet. They likely won’t get that for it on eBay (esp. with $250 shipping) anyway unless someone is desperate for a Christmas gift. Keep an eye on them for their re-listing. Their “asking price” may not ever match reality, but until they drop that opening bid down below, say, $500, I’m not sure I’d bother with them. Other deals will present themselves in time.

I would go for the Poco just posted on this site from John Falstrom!! These are great presses and you can do allot of different things with them!!

Thanks for the lead Dennis. Unfortunately John doesnt ship items he sells. And I am in Texas (hes in new england). Im having a bit of a problem getting presses because of this. One will come along soon for me.


you want a press
know how you feel
spent few years looking
for table top press
seller is asking far too much
for a welded Kelsey
look around take your time
still lots of iron waiting to be found
few years ago found a Craftsman
with foundry type for 150 dollars
yours truly


Thank you all for your answers and assistance. I have found a press its a Kelsey 6x10 in OK so its close enough for me to pick up. Its fully restored recently and looks fantastic! I cant wait to get it!!!