odd faults

I have been remembering.Where I worked,a new Linotype had 6 moulds;slugs from one mould were hard to eject till we found ribs ground with taper in wrong direction.
Later,machine would refuse to run at night after meal break, OK daytime.Then we realised daytime meal time was an hour stopped,night only half hour.The shaft which drove the belt to the distributor was tight; lubrication expert said we were screwing down the grease cup too tight;we thanked him,went on looking.Mechanic was given machine for whole day, spent hours hand-scraping a bearing till it was how he wanted it to be;then he put shaft back into bearing,it was out of line with the other bearing by about an inch and a half;outer bearing out of line.No further problem, except our annoyance.

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I have been remembering. Where I worked, a new [display sizes] Linotype had 6 moulds; slugs from one mould were hard to eject till we found the taper on the [trimming] ribs of the mould were ground in the wrong direction.