can someone help me with this type?

i saw this woodtype on ebay, and i already have 2 pieces from this type which i really love.
can anybody help me identify it?


image: type.jpg


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I was curious that no one had commented on this yet so I set about to look through my old catalogs tonight. I did not find it. I can tell you that there were a few stylistically “in the neighborhood” and that they originated back in the 1840 to 1860s period.

Was the seller in England or Europe? My catalogs are almost all American manufacturers, but my library of them is modest anhd nowhere near comprehensive.

It looks to be missing about 25% of the characters.


The seller was in the UK.

It seems several English manufacturers showed this design in the latter part of the 19th century.

Day & Collins showed the design as early as c.1880 named Classic
T.J. Lawernce also showed this in about the same time but named it Ornamented No 6
B. Joyce showed this in their catalog dated 1897, and named the design Classic as well.

Are the blocks themselves marked in any way that might indicate a manufacturer?

Hope this info helps,


thank you all for the answers. i didnt get to buy those types (which were from a UK seller) so i have no idea if there are any makrs.

good news! after so long, i found that type. i bought 3 sets in 3 sizes!
i still dont know who made them. there are no marks on them. but they are great. i bought them from the UK.
i would love to get more inof about them if anyone has.

image: N3a.jpg


image: N2_5_49__3,5_74.jpg


What a flippin gorgeous score! Very nice :) Would love to see what you end up printing with it. And of course, MORE close-up photos of type! Thanks for sharing, Iris!