I have seen a press for sale.Its a “Strohmenger,L’expeditive”
complete with a box of accessories.This is a treadle press from the 18 or 1900’s .is anybody familiar with this press or know any history.

image: presse.jpg


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You don’t say where the press is located, but the name implies France or Quebec or Belgium, more likely the first. It appears to be a C&P copy — are you sure that’s the maker’s name, or could it be a distributor’s name? There certainly were plenty of C&P copyists. C&P marked their presses on the plate that connects the back of the roller arms — is there any ID there?


France or Belgium, Quebec is not a country (but it came close twice), it’s a Canadian province and i seriously doubt it ever produced an industrial press with a french name in the early 20th century. It was all english back then.

France Alsace is my guess…

Yes the Alsace is probably right,as i live in France and the press is in the Haute-saone region .Unfortunatley I live in Brittany so its some distance I only have the photo and have not seen the actual press.There is one more photo which i am posting. thanks for the info

image: presse2.jpg