Challenge Gordon Throw Off Lever Questions

I have a Challenge Gordon press that was disassembled for the move to my home. We have reassembled and it turns over perfectly, and all is well. I am attempting to adjust the platen and rollers using John Fallstrom’s wonderful gauge.

I can not remember if the throw off lever should be forward, closer to the operator, or farther back for impression. Can anyone help me here? It seems to me that the lever should be forward, closer to the operator for impression.Also, when I use the treadle to run the press, the throw off lever comes off the impression position on its own. I need some clue as to where to look for information about proper placement of this lever. Thanks for whatever help you can provide. I know there are other Challenge Gordon press owners out there with lots more experience than I have. I am posting photos of the lever before wee took it off, and after. Nancy

image: Press throw off before disassembly.JPG

Press throw off before disassembly.JPG

image: Press throw off after re-assembly 2.JPG

Press throw off after re-assembly 2.JPG

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On my 8x12, there is a spring attached to the lever connector at the right of your pic. The spring connects to the wooden runner beneath. I am assuming that after years of use, the lever action got sloppy and the spring keeps the throw-off lever pulled foward when engaged for printing so that it doesn’t just fall out during operation. The spring itself is of dubious origin (perhaps and old screen door) but it’s function is for certain!

Trying to send a pic!

I have no understanding of where this spring should attach. Are you sending me a photo of your press with Spring attached? That would be great. I emailed you my home email address earlier tonight.
Thank you!