hi I have a 13 x 18 and have a 12 x 17 square to cut with steal rule 9/25 rule the top hits before the bottom is there a way I can eighter adjust the press to cut even or lower the blade size or is this just how a windmill is? besides using packing on such a simple die

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If you are cutting at the top of the platen but not the bottom you must reduce your pressure on the impression lever and add packing behind the form or under the cutting plate (your choice) i prefer to pack the rear of the die as i believe in preserving the life of the die .

this is what is happening. you need to find a balance. top pic shows too much packing. lower pic shows too much impression.

image: clam with packing.JPG

clam with packing.JPG

image: clam with impression.JPG

clam with impression.JPG

Spot on eric m , we call it toeing and heeling !
This is one of those examples that show just how important it is to understand how a press works and what happens when you make adjustments .