even pressure when die cutting

I am new to letterpress and have a Kluge 12x15 and have a question about setting up for die cutting. I realize that there are 4 tension bolts around the Platen and one in the middle, I am starting to figure this out and realize there is a learning curve, Can someone explain how you set up your platen once you have your die in your chase and start to adjust the bolts so that you get an even pressure throughout..Do you get four bolts “almost there” and than use the center bolt to crank it that extra bit so that it hits evenly?Any technique help appreciated and thanks in advance

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lay your make ready sheet on the platen and using carbon paper take an impression.lay enough make ready sheets on the platen to get this impression/ imprint.you will want to aquire a thin plate to cut against if you need more than .010 packing then adjust the bolts. once you have the overall pressure needed spot pack as needed to bring up the small areas not cutting. if you were to email me i would send you pics. they are too big to load here.

Thanks ericm..I just emailed you

How do you lock the impression lever, Im thinking part of the problem might be a red tube that I found on the right side of the machine not attached to anything, it looks like it is part of the impression mechanisim but when I bought it , it was unattached to anything (help?) also on the aft port side of Kluge there is a small lever/pedal that seems to be part of the impression lever but moving it either way still does not help lock the impression mode in place..Any thoughts or advice…Thanks for your time pics attached of hose and pedal mentioned

image: foot pedal.jpg

foot pedal.jpg

image: redhose.jpg


What year is your Kluge?