Whittenburg Inc

Just want to post a public “Thank you.” to Graham and the rest of the team at Whittenburg Inc.

He made a comment in this thread:

That anyone desiring assistance with parts or issues on a Heidelberg letterpress should contact them.

I am doing some maintenance and cleanup of our new KSB cylinder and took him up on the suggestion. I must say that I am impressed with the knowledge, customer focused service, and candid nature of Graham and the others I have spoken with.

Due to the nature of how we run our business, while price is certainly part of the equation when selecting a vendor, the value add and level of service is usually far more important. Not sure if Whittenburg pricing is high or low, but at this point I do not care as they have won my business by the level of knowledge and support.

I highly suggest them as a source for all things Heidelberg letterpress!

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i am glad that i could be of some assistance Ron, thank you for calling, i enjoyed talking to you, hope everything goes well with the machine

I have to second the accolades for Graeme and the team at Whittenburg. The press I posted about week ago I got from Whittenburg. This press prints like a dream. if anyone out there is considering buying a windmill, you should definitely get it from Graeme. Unless you really enjoy buying a valuable piece of machinery that may need 2 to 3 times the purchase price to make it useable. I picked my press up personally from the shop and met the employees and saw all the work that goes into each and every press. You will not be disappointed. oh and spare parts! Wow they have more parts than anyone I’ve ever seen.