Ludlow Mats— #11

Question? I can’t find any info on Ludlow typeface #11. What is the typeface? Serif/san serif?


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G’day Winston;

I have a half decent selection of Ludlow’s #11. It is a seraphed face,and, I gather, Ludlow’s version of Goudy ….. I think Wikipedia has some info on it…..just type in Goudy……db

….just a correction in the above….I must be thinking angelic thoughts today…it should be serifed and not seraphed (if indeed there are such words)…….db

A scan of Edition D of the hardcover “Ludlow Typefaces” is online at:

The showings of Number 11 start on p. 148.

If Goudy might be considered a patron saint of typographers, then perhaps it is a seraphed face?

David M.

To cut to the chase and answer the original question, the Ludlow mats are for Goudy Oldstyle.


I had a nice run of No. 11 in Ludlow mats. Wish I had them now. The italic was on roman mats and still had a nice slant to it and the ability to set the roman and italic together in the same line without cutting in the the same line. Wish I had them now.
Goudy was a most prolific type designer who cut his first face, Camelot, in 1896, It is the most ill-fitting (in my opinion) facet, it takes more brass and copper spaces than any other face I’ve ever set. He learned fast as his faces were later adapted by the Monotype Co., American Type Founders, Ludlow, Linotype and I suppose Intertype also. Never did know why Ludlow re-named Goudy as No. 11.
McGrew credits Goudy with 90 faces, done in the 20th century only.

Thanks for all the info. David, I downloaded the PDF of Ludlow faces. A very good resource!!!! Also, found the Ludlow mat/font gauge from Don Black in Canada. It looks to be a useful tool. I used a Ludlow for years at the Big House and at a newspaper, but I never payed attention to the details of the equipment.