best impression

What’s the best way to get a crisp impression that is pretty deeply debossed? Type of packing? I usually use one tympan on top of my packing.

I’ve found that the larger the area of image/type that I’m printing, the less deboss I get. I’ll get a little, but not like what I can get when the area of the image/type is smaller.

I also listen to my platen as I’m setting the packing, and the more packing, the more it sounds like it’s really working…since I’m using a machine over 100 years old I don’t want to break it!

What do you think????

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If you can hear it then there’s tooo much packing IMO and you’ll break your press.

I think you just need to warn your custards that the larger nthe print the less it’ll deboss.

Hard packing is best.

your press has a certain amount of “total” tonnage” it is a function of pounds per square inch. more square inches, the less tonnage per sq/in. take the face of a coin and push it against your arm, now take a razor and imagine doing the same. don’t do it of course but the idea is there.