Adana HS-2 roller and ratchet problem

I finally got my Adana HS-2 press and assorted equipment to go with it, and after quite a bit a difficulty getting everything put together, it finally functions.

However, once I put the rollers on yesterday I found a new problem. I don’t know if this is normal or not, but when the handle is up the roller go completely under the chase and hit the frame of the press. That stop the handle from moving any further, which also doesn’t allow the ratchet to reach the ink tray teeth.

Is anyone familiar enough with this press to know if this is normal or not? How can I fix this?

Thanks so much!

image: Roller hitting frame

Roller hitting frame

image: Ratchet not reaching

Ratchet not reaching

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Are these new rollers?

But what size chase has the press and what is the “age” of the press? I need this info to help resolve the roller problem.

The rollers do come down with a “wollop” below the chase
BUT should Not hit the frame.

The ratchet for the inking plate is adjustable by a “butterfly” nut. This can be moved left or right on the shaft as well as forward or back (more or less pressure on the ink plate)

Setting is by trial end error, so move it a little at a time.

Looks as though the pawl has been reversed (I did this and it worked as the point had worn down) Make sure the pawl (little pointy thing) moves freely and is well oiled.

Take it slow!!


The rollers and trucks are brand new. The press is newly refurbished. I bought it from a company in the UK that does that. I have yet to be able to use the press.

I have adjusted the ratchet many times. It used to work okay, but once I put the rollers on it stopped the ratchet from reaching the ink plate.

Does that help?

You could re set the pawl (ratchet) with the rollers in but it is certainly wrong for the rollers to contact in this way as it will cause you grief when it rolls over a picture as contact beneath the platen like that will remove some ink that will then show a sort of repeat mark as it goes up over the form . I would suggest you contact the people who reconditioned it if you feel you cant find a way of re adjusting it yourself, personally i believe it should have been checked before they sent it you so they should sort it .
I would be interested to know who did the work on it in the first place ,its abhorrent to despatch these things without checking as its a proper pain to have to return lumps like this .

You do have the platens bed A the right way up ? and B you have the bed sitting correctly off the frame , you could put it in too far which would still work but you would require more packing to level up when making ready . I have a toy version of one of these to hand and there is a distinct clearance between the red body of the machine and the bed, i have a Hs 2 but its loaned out at present so i cant look at it however someone who reads this will hopefully understand and point you in the right direction as to what the gap measures or what you want by way of packing so you can check to see if you have the bed too close to the frame . These little things are very simple but have some strange adjustments considering their intended hobby use .

I don’t have enough experience or familiarity with this press (or any press for that matter) to answer your questions. Hopefully, pictures will suffice:

image: 5


image: 4


image: 3


image: 2


image: 1


First problem solved! The roller arms were installed on the wrong sides. I found pictures of other machines online and confirmed this.

Still working on the ratchet arm..

image: Machine with roller arms correctly installed.

Machine with roller arms correctly installed.

Ok, everything seems to be working well now. I tightened up the rod that the ratchet arm attaches to, and that fixed the ratchet arm problem.

I can finally start learning how to actually letterpress!

Oil every moving part , lesson one .
oil more oil and read the adana booklet.
good luck and do ask people for help .

I’ve bought two Adana No 2 presses in the past year with the arms fitted upside down. Oil with a light oil, especially the ink disk spindle. I have one which was used without lubrication and the ink disk now touches the bearer chase and wobbles.
I presume you have the model with the alloy main frame No2 H.S. and not the iron main frame No 2 H/S, look at the moulding on the left side.

Here are some pictures I took of the Adana HS2. Maybe it will help you solve your problem. You can also download the manual of the HS2 on this site. Caslon sold me a few years ago a refurbished 8 x 5 with the arms the wrong way around, it took me some time to figure it out.

image: HS2_2.jpg


image: HS2_1.jpg


image: HS2_4.jpg


image: HS2_3.jpg