8x12 C&P Saddle tension

Hi all,

I just got a 8x12 C&P and have noticed that the saddle/roller hooks and springs seem to have a lot of tension. When pulling them out to set the rollers in, it takes a considerable amount of effort and I am wondering if its too much.

My No. 11 Golding Pearl on the other hand is quite a bit easier. I know these are completely different presses but it was the only way I could think to give a comparison. I am not sure how to measure or gauge this to see if something is off but I was wondering if anyone might have had/has both these presses or can give some feedback.

Sorry this is a very convoluted question but I thought it was worth checking.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes Matt, it takes a bit of brawn to pull them bad boys out, but it shouldn’t be exceedingly difficult. I usually get a roller started (at an angle) on the left side, which typically does not have the little handle on the saddle, then pull the right saddle up with the handle and using the roller as a sort of lever to lift the left saddle up as the right side of the core is guided into right saddle while it is lifted up.

Hope I haven’t obfuscated the explanation there.

Just make sure you’ve got them oiled up good and you should be OK and not to worry.
A 12 x 18’s are even a little bit more difficult comparably.

I have no personal experience with a Pearl so I cannot comment on the difference between those and a C&P.



Thanks for the response. A bit of braun I’ve got! They sound normal based on your description, it’s just quite a bit different than the tension on the Pearl.

Thanks again.

I have a related question. I am in need of the lower single roller saddles for my C&P 10x15 and I need the entire assembly. Does that consist of the saddle, spring and rod that fits within the spring or are there other parts I need? I have been printing with only two rollers but would like to print with three. In addition, David, what gets oiled, the cylinder that appears when the saddle is “pulled” out? Thanks.

The lower single roller saddles should be a very similar assembly as the double saddle.
If I were looking for what you need, I would check with the usual suspects such as Dave Churchman in Indianapolis, possibly with Paul Aken, in Illinois, maybe John Horn in AR. John Barrett at Letterpress Things also maybe. It should not be too difficult to find their contact info.
There may be others…good luck !

Yes, oil the rods or cylinders. With the rollers out, they can be rotated somewhat to evenly distribute the oil as well.
Common sense advises against over oiling them, naturally.


Thanks Dave - will follow your leads. Best - Neil