Inking or impresion issue?

Hello All,
I’m in the process of adjusting the rail height on my C&P 8 x 12. I’ve had to build the rails up a considerable amount with the tape that NA graphics recommends.

My question is this. I appear to have uneven inking from left to right. The left side as you face the press seems to be inking heavier. For the images attached I was only running two rollers. The light side looks too light and the heavy side looks too heavy. Maybe I’m wrong.

Tomorrow I can ink it up with all three and see what happens. As I see it right now, the variance might be endearing to some but I’d prefer to have it dialed in a bit tighter so that the press runs consistently.

Also, this is printing with a boxcar base and deep relief plates. The base is in the upper right corner with 3P of metal furniture between the top and right.

All advice and suggestions welcome.


image: Heavy_Solid.JPG


image: Heavy_type.JPG


image: Light_Solid.JPG


image: Light_type.JPG


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After starting with a decent design, good printing begins with good inking. Without correct inking, no amount of messing with the packing or cursing will help.
With or without ink on the press, cut a couple of strips of 20# copy paper about 1” wide. Run the rollers up to just under the type and put the feeler strip between the rollers and the type. Roll up just a bit more and tug on the strip. Do same on the other side of the type. There should be the same resistance on both tugs and both should be slight. You want kiss inking. You may need one more piece of tape on one side. Are you using plain steel trucks or Morgans?
From this distance, it is a guess, but you may have too much ink on the press. I judge the correct amount of ink by sight and sound. When the ink just begins to sing or hiss on the disk, it is right. It should not sizzle. I also look to see if the disk immediately below the roller has a little texture. I call it velvet.
I think you are trying to put some punch in the paper. Don’t do that to start. Get a correct kiss inking kiss print with less packing first. Then you can increase your packing and punch away.
You didn’t ask, but I suggest you look carefully at the heavy type manz